How to buy

Shopping on is very simple.
You just have to follow these steps:

01. Click on the  “Buy Now” button to open the product which you want to buy.

02. Click on “Add to Cart” button and the product will be added to cart. If you want to             continue shopping, keep adding products to your cart which you want to buy.

03. After all products are added to cart, click on the “Cart Icon” which looks like a basket. You can find it on the the right top corner of your mobile screen or desktop screen.

04. Click on the “Go to Next Step” button in the cart.

05. Enter your complete details correctly including your name, email address, mobile number and delivery address. If you don’t know your postal code, enter “0000”.

06. Click on Go to Next Step  and click  “Confirm Order”. You will receive your order within 3  to 4 working days via Cash on Delivery basis.